The Best Fountain Pen for Journaling – Complete 2021 Guide

Fountain pens are a pleasure to own. Whether you’re a professional writer or not, the tipped nib feels different than ballpoints. Plus, the smooth gliding of the ink on the paper is highly satisfying.

If you’re into journaling, you’re probably a frequent writer. Getting a high-quality, comfortable fountain pen will save you a lot of pain later on. Additionally, holding a fashionable pen along with your notebook will make you feel good about yourself!

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Our Top Picks for Journaling Fountain Pens

In order to get the best fountain pen for journaling, you’ll want to skim through several options at various prices first. Here are our top five picks.

Pilot Metropolitan

The Pilot Metropolitan is the finest fountain pen you can get at this price range. It writes as an extra-fine nib, although it’s labeled as a fine one. It’s also much cheaper than extra fine pens, which gives it leverage.

Furthermore, the Pilot is made out of durable metal. The barrel is Brass and the accents are stainless steel. Moreover, it has a sleek design that’s not too flashy. You’ll enjoy writing with the Pilot, but it’s not for heavy-handed people.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Moderate price
  • Durable metal
  • High-quality brass barrel


  • The nib leaks
  • The writing is a bit scratchy

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Lamy Safari

The Lamy Safari is the best option for bullet journaling. Its lightweight and secure design allow you to carry it anywhere without the fear of leaking ink. Additionally, it’s a durable pen that’ll last long. You can throw it around or give it to your kid to play with, and it’d still work perfectly well.

The clip on the Lamy allows you to secure it on your journal easily for convenience. Plus, there’s an ink window on the pen, so you can see how much ink is left. It’s made out of high-quality plastic which accounts for the lightweight.

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  • Perfect for carrying around
  • Extra fine nib
  • Stiff clip
  • Smooth writing


  • Even the EF nib writes a thicker line than you would expect
  • The can smear

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Scribe Sword

The Scribe Sword is the easiest fountain pen to use. It has a medium nib that moves smoothly over the paper, without smearing around. Also, the ink flows out consistently without sudden blobs. It’s the perfect choice for calligraphers.

In addition to its elegant craftsmanship, the manufacturing company allows you to engrave it for a personal touch. That way, you can have your pen customized with your name on it. On top of all that, the Scribe Sword has a pretty moderate price. I’d say it’s the best value for money available.


  • Engraving option
  • Ease of use
  • No smearing
  • Good cap functionality


  • The ink is sold separately.
  • Sensitive writing angle

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Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens

The fact that this fountain pen is disposable, could be of great use to a lot of people. If you don’t like to keep around one pen and constantly refill it, why not get a pack and throw the finished pen away? This pack also comes at a pretty reasonable price.

The Pilot V has a medium nib that suits writers with quick hands. Moreover, there’s an ink control in the nib to ensure no splashes occur mid-writing. As for the boy, you can check the ink amount inside the pen through the transparent plastic exterior.


  • Visible ink window
  • Available in blue and black ink
  • Low price
  • The ink is washable


  • The ink flow thickens if you stop writing for a while
  • The nib is not split, so the line width isn’t adjustable

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Lamy 2000

The Lamy 2000 is your go-to option if you’re willing to pay a hefty amount for a quality pen. For professionals, this fountain pen is hard to match. The minimalist design will look good in any pair of hands, and the gold nib is a nice addition.

The Lamy is made out of a material that’s close to fiberglass; Makrolon. It’s lightweight and durable. Plus, it absorbs the temperature of the hand and warms up after a while. Furthermore, the 14-karat gold nib is coated in platinum, but it can get bent if you press down too hard. You’ll need to adjust your writing angle if you have heavy hands.


  • Very smooth ink flow
  • Perfect line width
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sleek, modern design


  • It needs handling with care
  • The writing may get scratchy when you press hard on the nib

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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Pen for Journaling

There’s no such thing as the best fountain pen; it depends on many factors. These factors include how you intend to use it, your budget, and whether you have a heavy hand. I’ll tell you three tips that’ll guarantee you’ll get the pen that fits you most.

Set the Right Budget

With fountain pens, high prices don’t necessarily mean high quality. You may get a $500 pen that you’re not comfortable with, and you may get a $10 one that’ll feel right. The first thing you should do is to set your budget right.

Afterward, go through the options that fit your budget. You’ll want to check the design, the nib size, and the ink flow of the pen. The lowest prices will be disposable fountain pens, followed by the regular metal ones. The most expensive pens will be the ones with gold nibs. They’re made for professional users.

Choose the Right Nib

The nib material of a fountain pen accounts for its writing quality. It’s pretty much the most important feature. Nibs are commonly made of stainless steel, but some high-quality fountain pens have gold nibs.

Gold is more pliable than stainless steel, and thus needs delicate care while using it. You’ll have a better writing experience using a gold nib; that’s for sure. However, they cost a lot more.

Other than the material, the nib design is also essential. You’ll want to get a pen that has a tipped nib for smoother writing. Additionally, you can get a pen with a removable nib. That way, you can change the size as many times as you need.

Pick a Comfortable Design

You don’t want to get an extra-large pen, that’ll require some effort to hold it still. You might want to choose the size that suits your hands. If your hands are small, get an average-sized pen, instead of a large one.

Moreover, if you intend to carry your pen around a lot, get a light one. On the other hand, if you’re getting one for your desk, look into heavyweight models. Heavy pens are generally more durable than light ones.

The Best Fountain Pen for Your Journal

Let’s take a look at these fountain pens one more time.

PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink (91107)
PILOT Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen, Black Barrel, Classic Design, Medium Nib, Black Ink (91107)
Pilot's sleek Metropolitan Collection signature pens; nest quality at a mid-range price; Medium nib
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Charcoal Ex-Fine, L17EF
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Charcoal Ex-Fine, L17EF
Charcoal Black ABS colored plastic body; Filo; Lamy; Ships with blue ink cartridge
Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain 6 Pack Combo, 3 Black and 3 Blue Pens
Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain 6 Pack Combo, 3 Black and 3 Blue Pens
Deal Includes: 3 Pilot Varsity Black Fountain Pen and 3 Pilot Varsity Blue Fountain Pen; Fashionable disposable fountain pen that's convenient and easy to use
LAMY Black 2000 Fountain Pen with 14ct. Platinum-coated Gold Fine Nib (L01F)
LAMY Black 2000 Fountain Pen with 14ct. Platinum-coated Gold Fine Nib (L01F)
The LAMY 2000 fountain pen is the flagship of the LAMY collection.; Prepacked in LAMY gift box.

Each and every one of them is an excellent choice or your journal.

The best fountain pen for journaling is the Lamy Safari.  It suits both beginners and professionals because of its secure nib. Additionally, you can carry it around or use it on your desk; it’ll work well both ways. The clip is also a nice addition to the pen. It’s convenient for bullet journals, and it comes in many colors and nib options!  You can even take a look at the Lamy Safari Candy detailed review here, which is a 2020 exclusive.

The Pilot Metropolitan is a close second to the Lamy Safari, and all around a great pen for your collection and for your journal.

If you are looking to try something other than a more classic recommendation, then consider the Scribe Sword, which is an all around great fountain pen, but not from one of the most mainstream brands.

If you’re prone to losing pens (because some of just just are), then consider the Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens, since they are economical enough that you won’t be too upset if you misplace one.

If you really want a treat, the Lamy 2000 is the one for you. Its high-quality gold nib will give you a pleasant luxurious writing experience.

Don’t forget to grab the best journal for fountain pens while you are at it!

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